Hi Friends,

75 year old recovered 4th stage Prostate Cancer within 3 months

Now a days Cancer is spreading very fast. Same thing happned with one known person also. We have kept his name secret because we did not revealed him also about his decease.
We give an imaginary name to patient say "Ramesh".
First of All , I will tell you about Ramesh that he is not well educated. he is 5 class pass . He was born in 1943. He is some sort of money savy person. 1943. He is some sort of money savy person. Ramesh had problem with urine passing last 2 years. He thought that this may be some ordinary problem. So He used to pass urine by smoothly rubbing on stomach some how. He had also problem of low back pain. In Travel in closed car, he suffered continuous vomiting also.
When his low back pain increased at such level that he has to laid on the bed only. He was unable to move. His urine passes also stopped. Then He was admitted in private Hospital. Urine bag was also attached to him to pass urine. But Pain was so much that he was always crying and eagerly wishing for death. He always said to his daughter in this situation to call a doctor and inject a poison in the body to get rid of unbearable pain.

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