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November 16, 2019

75 year old recovered 4th stage Prostate Cancer within 3 months

Hi Friends, Now a days Cancer is spreading very fast. Same thing happned with one known person also. We have kept his name secret because we did not revealed him also about his decease.

We give an imaginary name to patient say “Ramesh”.

First of All , I will tell you about Ramesh that he is not well educated. he is 5 class pass . He was born in 1943. He is some sort of money savy person.
Ramesh had problem with urine passing last 2 years. He thought that this may be some ordinary problem. So He used to pass urine by smoothly rubbing on stomach some how. He had also problem of low back pain. In Travel in closed car, he suffered continuous vomiting also.
When his low back pain increased at such level that he has to laid on the bed only. He was unable to move. His urine passes also stopped. Then He was admitted in private Hospital. Urine bag was also attached to him to pass urine. But Pain was so much that he was always crying and eagerly wishing for death. He always said to his daughter in this situation to call a doctor and inject a poison in the body to get rid of unbearable pain.

As a person, Ramesh has not son. He had daughters only. At the time when he was admitted in hospital, His one daughter and one grandson was with him. Let us come to point.

One 18 January 2018, He was diagnosed with Prostate Cancer stage 4 in a private hospital. His prostate level was 2165 (normal range 0.01 to 4). He was referred to king George medical college Lucknow. I have shared the Report of Diagnosis below

First Diagnostic Report

Doctors Saw the report and said that this is stage 4 prostate cancer. Death is only solution. His family members (Grandson and daughter) requested doctors to do something to save his life. Then after showing mercy on family members, he told to scan the bones to see how much this is spread in bones. Then obtained report is shared below

Bones Report
Whole Body Bone Details Report

After seeing the above report, doctors said that cancer cells are spread all over in the bones. So we have no solution. Please go to home. Most probably he will be alive for next 2 or 3 weeks.

After seeing the death report, family members started weeping. But weeping also had no solution. They all together came to rented home in the city. They did not go to their home in village due to fear that all villagers will come, will impose some sympathy, after all saying that this is incurable disease.
One interesting thing is that the patient was not told about this fierce disease. Ramesh also asked to his grandson that why doctors are not admitting in hospital. Then he was replied that there is some deficiency in calcium. So this can be cured in home also by some supplements.
His grandson googled about some home remedies to cure prostate cancer. then he read one article about one person named Vernon Johnston who cured his stage 4 prostate cancer by consuming baking soda and molasses. he did the same . he ordered both from Amazon.

Some Basic facts which he read from the article of Vernon Johnston’s life and shared with me for general awareness.

1. Acidic cells are cancer cell and alkaline cells are healthy cells.

2. Cancer cells are naurished in acidic environment. and are destroyed by alkaline cells.

3. When our PH level is above 8 or 9 , then cancer cells begin to destroy very fast.

4. PH below 7 is acidic and PH above 7 is alkaline.

So his aim was to increase the PH level of Ramesh above 8 to destroy cancer cells.

Protocol Used Information
Target :
cancer cells are attracted by sweets . So there is mixture of blackstrop molasses and baking soda. Molasses attracts cancer cells and baking soda destroys those cells. this is the process.
Caution : it should be pure baking soda not baking powder. Better to buy from shopping sites.

Ramesh was suger patient also. So there is one very good remedy to cure sugar. mixture of Methi Powder + Dal chini powder in the ratio of 2:1 OR 3:1 depending on severity of sugar level. This is proven remedy. This remedy was also used in protocol because we had used molasses (sweetner) in the treatment.

Protocol Started :
1 Tea Spoon of Baking soda + 1 Tea Spoon of Black Strap Molasses in one cup of water was given 3 times in a day to Ramesh.
His grand son prepared a list of alkaline diet. He decided to give him only cancer fighting foods . No acidic diet. In home also organised Laghu Mrityunjay mantra jaap.

To give treatment in way , he divided the day in 3 parts

1. In Morning at 5:00 AM , he was given methi powder + dal chini powder ( to keep sugar in control and this is also cancer fighting and pain relieving in nature )

2. At 5:30 AM he was given Herbal Divya Pey (Green Tea) boiled with high amount of ginger ( Ginger and green tea both are cancer fighting and immunity boosting )

3. At 06:15 AM he was given Baking soda + molasses in one cup of water . after giving this mixture, there is some thing to notice.

Give minimum 1 hour time to this medicine to work properly. Means do not give any food for 1 hour after giving this mixture. After taking this, for 20 minutes do not walk. Better is to take rest. If feeling to vomit, take small pieces of ginger and chew. This will remove sense of vomiting.

4. After 7:15 AM onwards, giving (red tomotto + garlic + ginger + Red Pepper ) chatni + foods like rice + daal + bread + salad + yogurt i.e. complete balanced diet

*give plenty of water because died prostate cancer cells will exit by urine and stool.

*give some cancer fighting juices like grape, pomegranate, strawberry, cranberry, guava, pineapple, apple etc. Better is to use Tropicana or Real Fruit juices rather than from open market or extract juice in home.

*can be given turmeric water also.

* give raw fruite also like banana, orange ,guava etc

*give green vegetables like spinach , brokenly, beans etc.

* use epsom salt ( sendha namak) instead of normal salt.

*In case of upset stomach, give ajwain water ( a tea spoon of ajwain boiled in water and take that water )

Note : taking good sleep and rest is very import to cure better.

5. At 12:00 PM, he was given Baking soda + molasses in one cup of water .

6. in between 1:00 PM and 05:00 PM, given water, healthy diet and taked sleep also

7. at 05:00 PM he was given Herbal Divya Pey (Green Tea) boiled with high amount of ginger ( Ginger and green tea both are cancer fighting and immunity boosting ) again.

8. at 06:00 PM , he was given Baking soda + molasses in one cup of water .

9. at 07:00 PM given balanced diet as mentioned above.

10. after 07: 00 PM give wheat grass juice, giloy juice . these can be brought from Patanjali stores. until sleep give time to time water.


Time to time , Dramatic changes were seen in Ramesh. after 2 weeks of protocol , the unbearable pain of Ramesh was gone. Then Family members became happy and there were some hope of life.

After 1 month , his family members were eager for medical Test to know the situation of disease. The result was very hope increasing as below. Prostate level decreased from 2165 to 1661.

Result report of Alkaline

Family members were concentrated on the protocol more seriously after getting a little bit success. After 1.5 more months it came to the level of 229. The result is below

Third Report

Final Report

Special thanks for Vernon Johnston and Google.